We supply & executes solar power project on turnkey basis as per the requirements of , clients for commercial, industrial utility, residential and off-grid / grid tie projects. We have the experience of environmental challenges ,to deliver high quality with affordable pricing.

Our product’s

Solar street light system

Our solar street lights make use of LED technology to deliver bright, reliable security lighting. The solar street light that is right for you, depends on the range and intensity of light required. A suitable size solar panel and battery powers each LED configuration.  
Solar street lighting systems avoid the cost and hassle of extending and operating the grid for outdoor security lighting. These street light systems are popular with corporate offices, factories, educational institutions, municipalities,Hospital,stadiums and even households for their gardens.


Grid Tied

Solar rooftop installations. Our rooftop solar systems help customers become self-sufficient in power generation, while also allowing them to feed-in excess solar power to the local electricity grid. Furthermore, these systems are designed and fabricated and installed by Bee Aar trained team of technicians. If you would like to invest in a solar rooftop system, please provide your details in the contact us Section.

Off Grid

Solar rooftop systems can either connect to the grid, or they can be ‘off-grid’ with battery storage. The beauty of an off-grid solar system from Bee Aar is that it provides the most reliable power possible, making you independent of power cuts, without the hassle of a diesel generator or battery inverter system. Bee Aar off-grid solar systems are designed and fabricated and installed by our trained team of technicians. If you would like to invest in a solar rooftop system with battery storage, please provide your details in the contact form or call us.

Solar Water Pumping

Bee Aar solar water pumping systems provide reliable water supply at low costs. The unique beauty of our solar water pumping system is that it can work with any existing AC-powered submersible pump – you can just retrofit your existing pump and immediately enjoy more reliable water supply.
Bee Aar Controls systems are designed to power pumps from 1HP to 7.5HP, for both single phase and 3-phase. For more details, please provide your details in the contact form or call us any Pay back period for 5 hp Pump?

Solar Water Heating

solar water heating systems are tailored to our customer’s needs: whether hard or soft water, pressurized or non-pressurized systems, stainless steel or mild steel tank, evacuated glass tube or copper flat plate collectors. The customer can also opt for a back-up coil to be inserted in their solar water heating system for hot water even during extended cloudy weather.
  Solar water heater for glass – as in evacuated glass tubes (ETC). uses big 58mm glass tubes to heat water from 25 to 65 degrees in just 4.5 hours (assuming an average sunny day in India). ‘C’ stands for ceramic – the inner tank of this water heater comes with a ceramic coating to withstand hard water up to 1500 PPM. The outer sheet of the storage tank is stainless steel.
Compared to grid electricity, using a solar water heater will have a 3-year payback for the average home using an electric geyzer.