Smart street light management systems

Bee Aar Controls is a expert house to design smart lighting system which targets the energy saving and autonomous operation which are economical for the streets, build on energy saving smart lighting system with integrated sensors and controllers. We Design smart lighting system with modular approach design, which increases the system scalability and expandability as per the site requirements .


Main Functions Remote on/off, Dimming and on-site Status Check.

Detect and report faults from remote locations and schedule appropriate maintenance activities. Such systems can detect faults in the lamp as well as the driving circuit. These can also detect overvoltage and under voltage situations, presence of humidity in the enclosure and operating temperature among others.


Reduce energy use by up to 40%. Reduce maintenance Increase LED life .

The advantages that a smart street lighting system offers in terms of maintenance are often underestimated, for example, the ability to identify a faulty street light from a central location and to send a crew only to repair that particular street light offers huge savings in time and money over the current approach of having to dispatch maintenance crew to check all the street lights one by one over a period of time as a routine activity.