we are a prominent supplier & distribution high quality tools and cable accessories as connectors, cable ties, shrinking tubing, cable gland ,conduit, Terminal Block and to meet various International standards such as IS, BS, IEC, DIN, VDE etc.

Cable Gland

Cable glands may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables .we have wide range of models in plastic or brass , for EX and EMC application, halogen free types anti-kink protection ,metric ,PG or NPT thread are available.

Protective Cable Conduit Systems

We have wide range of metal or plastic ,polyamide material Conduits which can used with matching gland to from a prefect systems connection .the complete system results in all round protection for cables in indoor and outdoor installation.

Industrial connectors

We have wide range of international brands for industrial rectangular & circular connectors which can be used different type of application plant engineering, electrical & instrumentation panel , machinery control , light & sound technology , plastic industries etc.

Crimping tools are available variable application

  • Crimping light tools for cable lugs insulated and uninsulated conductor end sleeves it is for 0.25 mmsq up to 35 mmsq
  • The safety tools for small cross sections from 0.4 mmsq up to 1 mmsq
  • Crimping pliers for tube cable lugs and joint with large cross sections
  • Hydraulic tools for tube cable lugs crimping conductor from 10 mmsq up to 400 mmsq.
  • Coax crimping pliers for bnc and tnc plugs

Cable Lugs & Versions

Cable Lug And Sleeve are used whenever it is necessary to connect cable ends properly. The Terminal is permanently connected to the conductor by crimping to core terminals are made of tinned electrolytic copper and an insulation of polyamide. The core Terminal from 0.5 mm Sq. to 50 mm. Sq. are available.

  • Ring Cable Lugs
  • Fork Cable Lugs
  • Pin Cable Lugs
  • Round Connector
  • Connector Sleeve
  • Butt Joint
  • End Point

Cable Tie

It can be used easily and Quickly for many applications suitable Sizes are available for most applications. This is Integrated Nylon Lock is simple in operations and grip securely. Lengths range from 105 mm to 1215 mm .